Guy Fisher: Infamous Harlem Gangster Released

Former Harlem gangster, drug lord and businessman Guy Fisher was released from prison on October 28, after spending three decades behind bars. The 73-year-old was released due to medical conditions. 

Fisher was sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole, in 1984. He was convicted on several counts of RICO violations, including continuing criminal conspiracy, murder, and drug trafficking. 

Fisher was infamously part of ‘The Council’, a notorious organized crime syndicate that controlled the heroin trade in Harlem, New York, in the 1970s and early 1980s, alongside mentor and associate, Leroy ‘Nicky’ Barnes. Barnes would later testify against Fisher, after being convicted  on numerous racketeering counts in 1978. Less than a year into his sentence, Barnes contacted Federal prosecutors and agreed to become a government witness in the case against Guy Fisher and others. Barnes claimed he testified because Fisher was having an affair with his girlfriend. Following his testimony, Barnes was released into the Witness Protection Program.  

Guy Fisher Bio

Born on July 21,1947, in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York, Fisher was the eldest of five children. Due to a broken home, he took to the streets at a young age. His predilection for street fighting as a teenager landed him in a reformatory after catching a charge for assault. Upon his release, he dropped out of high school. He first came into contact with drug kingpin Nicky Barnes while hustling and selling items on the street. Barnes soon had him working for his organization, and the two became good friends. They would often invest money in deals and businesses together. This all came to a head when Fisher was sent to prison for nine months after being convicted of using a false driver’s license and bribery of police officers. During his short imprisonment, law enforcement began major surveillance on members of The Council. They were finally brought to trial in September, 1977. Fisher escaped sentencing as he had been incarcerated during much of the investigation and surveillance. 

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Following this, Fisher decided to go legit, and in late 1977/early 1978 he purchased the Apollo Theater in Harlem, with money he had earned through drug dealing. However, he soon returned to the heroin trade, and with the help of the imprisoned Nicky Barnes, rose to become leader of The Council. He was riding high until his 1984 conviction. 

Fisher spent his time in prison wisely. He earned his Master’s degree and PhD in Sociology, and has written several books and screenplays. 

Guy Fisher is the uncle of basketball player Corey Fisher

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