First Trailer Released For Tom Hardy Capone Movie

The first trailer for the Al Capone biopic has finally been released. It was developed under the working title of Fonzo, but is now called simply Capone.

The movie is initially due for release on VOD (video on demand) on May 12, and will be available to rent from that date. It is hoped that a theatrical release will surface over the summer months, as and when cinemas begin to reopen.

Tom Hardy as Capone (left) Al Capone (right)
Photo: Daily Mail

The biopic is set around the later life of infamous gangster Al Capone, with British actor Tom Hardy in the title role. Capone was head of the mob in Chicago during the Prohibition era of the 1920s, and was sentenced to serve eleven years in prison for tax evasion in 1932. However, due to failing health, Capone was released early, in November of 1939. He was first diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhoea upon his arrival at Atlanta Penitentiary in 1932, and after his move to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in 1934, his decline was noticeable. Neurosyphilis progressively eroded his mental faculties, and he was officially diagnosed with syphilis of the brain in February 1938.

The official synopsis for the Capone movie: “The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia, and comes to be haunted by his violent past.”

The movie is directed by Josh Trank and produced by Russell Ackerman, Lawrence Bender, Aaron L. Gilbert, and John Schoenfelder.

The film also stars Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Matt Dillon and Neal Brennan.

Tom Hardy made his acting debut in 2001, playing US Army Private John Janovec in the award-winning mini-series Band of Brothers, and made his movie debut in Black Hawk Down in the same year. Since then he has played a variety of diverse roles, such as Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders, Clarkie in Layer Cake, Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis, the title role in Bronson, and Eddie Brock in Venom. Worthy of a special mention is his excellent portrayal of both Ron and Reg Kray in the 2015 film, Legend.

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