Incident on a Dark Street

‘Incident on a Dark Street’ is a 1972 movie which was originally filmed as a pilot for an American TV series called The Prosecutor. Unfortunately, the series didn’t sell. The pilot was first screened on January 13, 1973, on NBC.

The Plot

Two naive law school graduates are assigned to the Dept of Justice’s office in Manhattan, as prosecutors for the federal government. They attempt to expose corruption, track down a drug operation, and then a small-time hood is murdered just as he is about to tell all on an organized crime ring. It’s all going on for these guys!

Incident on a Dark Street

The Cast

The movie stars David Canary and Robert Pine as the new lawyers, James Olson as US Attorney Joe Dubbs, Gilbert Roland as crime boss Dominic Leopold, Richard Castellano as Frank Romeo, and a certain Mr William Shatner as Deaver G Wallace. It was written by E. Jack Neuman and directed by Buzz Kulik.

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