Irish American Mobster Seeks Early Prison Release

Infamous Irish-American mobster, and former antagonist-turned-associate of Cleveland’s Irish Mob, Kevin McTaggart, is seeking early release from prison after serving almost 38 years behind bars.

McTaggart, now 64, received a life sentence without parole in 1983 for his part in a narcotics network. The drugs ring was estimated to be pulling in $15-$20 million per year in and around Cleveland, Ohio. FBI records state that McTaggart was one of the key figures in the network, which brought LSD, cocaine, and other drugs into the area. McTaggart was convicted along with four others; reputed Cleveland boss Angelo Lonardo, Hartmut Graewe, Joseph Gallo and Frederick Graewe. Three of the five, including Kevin McTaggart, also received 20-year sentences for murder. They were responsible for murdering rival drug dealers and suspected informants, and it’s alleged that McTaggart took part in the slaying of at least six people.

McTaggart is apparently a cousin of  Danny Greene. Greene formed his own crew of young gangsters called The Celtic Club, in which Kevin McTaggart was an enforcer. Following several attempts on his life, Greene was finally assassinated by a car bomb after attending a dental appointment in Lyndhurst, Ohio, in October, 1977. The killing of Greene effectively ended a Cleveland gang war that had been raging for years. McTaggart later went on to become associated with the Cleveland Mob through Thomas Sinito, which ultimately led to McTaggart’s conviction.

Kevin McTaggart is currently serving his sentence at the low-security Federal Correctional Institution, Milan, Michigan. Following his conviction and incarceration, there seemed little chance of him ever seeing freedom again. However, there appears to be a glimmer of hope – McTaggart claims that he has seen the error of his ways and insists that he has been reformed during his time in prison. Other reputable people who have met him whilst working in the prison system are also saying the same thing – that he is, indeed, a reformed character these days.

Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons, a municipal judge in Ohio who was a prosecutor during McTaggart’s original trial almost four decades ago, is also campaigning on his behalf of the former Irish American mobster. Congeni Fitzsimmons wrote a letter to the US District Court appealing for McTaggart to be released. 

“In truth, I can conceive of no individual who personifies the heart and essence of this social and behavioral reality more powerfully than Mr. McTaggart. I retain this belief without a hint or fear of contradiction,” Congeni Fitzsimmons wrote. Her supporting letter was part of a motion filed by McTaggart’s attorney earlier this month.

Several former inmates, prison officers, and a former warden have also written letters supporting McTaggart’s release from prison.  

“While these years of confinement have been difficult, it has been a journey of reflection, remorse, sorrow, inspiration, discovery, friendship, love, blessings and hard-won wisdom.” – Kevin McTaggart.

His campaign for release is ongoing.

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2 thoughts on “Irish American Mobster Seeks Early Prison Release

  1. He is a guy who wanted to be tough , and thought he was bigger than he was .
    He turned on friends and associates and murdered many or witnessed the murder of many .
    He knew the price would be life without parole , now he cry’s and a crooked prosecutor who is now begging for his release knowing full well that if he’s released then Graewe must be released also .
    I wonder who is greasing whose palm in this mess of evil people.

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