Capone’s Childhood Home on the Market for $2.9m

Al Capone was born to Italian immigrant parents, Gabriele and Teresa, in New York City on January 17, 1899. Capone went on to become one of the most prolific gangsters of the Prohibition era after relocating to Chicago in 1919, at the behest of fellow gangster and mentor Johnny Torrio.

During his childhood and teenage years Capone lived with his parents in a townhouse in the neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. The Capone family consisted of nine children, so a fairly sizable residence was essential.

Capone was to earn his famous nickname ‘Scarface’ during his younger years in New York. He was employed and mentored by fellow racketeer Frankie Yale, and Capone was working the door at a dance hall and saloon called the Harvard Inn in Coney Island. Capone insulted a woman, which resulted in him being slashed with a knife three times on the left side of his face by her brother Frank Galluccio; the facial wounds led to the nickname ‘Scarface’.

Capone’s former childhood home in Park Slope has recently hit the market again for the sum of $2.9m.

The property is located at 21, Garfield Place, Park Slope, and has recently had an extensive renovation after it was purchased for $2.42 million in early 2018. The townhouse is 20-foot-wide, and currently consists of three units. There is the owner’s duplex, comprising three spacious bedrooms along with two and a half bathrooms, a large modern kitchen opening out to the south-facing living room.  A private staircase leads to a recreation room and private backyard. The remainder of the property consists of two one-bedroom units for rental. There is also a garden patio area, in fact each residence boasts a private outdoor space, which is a rarity in New York City. The accommodation could also be converted to a single family unit or one of the residences could be combined to allow a larger area for a potential owner’s triplex.

21 Garfield Place is located on a quiet, tree lined block just off Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Park Slope is one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after neighborhoods thanks to it’s excellent position, easy access to public transport, outstanding schools, and sense of community.

The vendor and further details can be viewed HERE.

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