Charlie White Iannece Has Passed Away at 85

Charles Iannece, also known as ‘Charlie White’ died of natural causes on Friday, June 5, at the age of 85.

Iannece was a made member of the Philadelphia crime family. He began working as an associate and enforcer, before being inducted into the Philly mob as a soldier. He was a friend and associate of Nicholas Caramandi, aka ‘Nicky the Crow’, and they both carried out several murders under the command of Nicodemo ‘Little Nicky’ Scarfo.

According to former Philly capo turned informant, Andrew ‘Tommy Del’ DelGiorno, Iannece helped move Salvie Testa‘s body out of the candy store where he was shot and then dumped the body in New Jersey. Nick Caramandi, who also turned federal witness, said that Iannece was the triggerman in the murder of Pasquale ‘Pat the Cat’ Spirito in 1983. According to Caramandi, he and Iannece were leaving a wedding when they asked Spirito for a ride. They then asked him to pull over at 11th and Mifflin streets in South Philadelphia, where Iannece shot Spirito in the head.

”Besides having the correct lineage, a prospective member will have to prove himself. Eventually most will have to take part in a murder, but not necessarily as the triggerman. In April of 1983, Philadelphia’s Charles Iannece met the rule by suckering Pasquale Spirito, a member who had fallen out of favor with boss Nicodemo Scarfo, Iannece tricked Spirito into going for a drive to find another person who was supposedly a target. On a Philadelphia side street, Spirito pulled over, and Iannece, from the back seat, fired two shots into Spirito’s head.” Excerpt from ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Mafia‘ by Jerry Capeci.

Spirito’s business interests were then allegedly taken over by Iannece and Caramandi. Following the hit on Spirito, Iannece was ‘made’ by Nicky Scarfo in November 1984 in Montgomery County.

In 1988, Iannece was convicted on racketeering charges and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. He served 24 years and was released in 2011.

During recent years, Iannece has been partly retired, and it seems he has led a fairly quiet life.

Iannece was married to Rosemarie, and he leaves behind two sons, Charles and Vincent.

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