Choose Your Mob Family Boss

Tough choice here. Who really deserves to be a Mafia family boss?

There’s the calm and collected Prime Minister Frank Costello, bringing with him the bonus of his connections in high places, along with the added attractiveness of the hand ballet in certain stressful situations. Or the Dapper Don, John Gotti with his suave coolness, though maybe his relationship with the media could bring too much heat on the family. Then there’s Vincent ‘Chin’ Gigante, who could probably be in the running for an Oscar for Best Actor with his crazy guy performance. ‘Big Tuna’ Tony Accardo has eight decades worth of valuable experience, and never seemed to put a foot wrong. Then there are the expected front runners, the very smart Carlo Gambino, namesake of the Gambino family, and last but certainly not least, the man who transformed the mob into a well-organized machine, Mr Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano.

Who would you choose and why? Or who do you think shouldn’t hold the title of boss?

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