DeMaria Fights Deportation After Prison Release

Alleged Toronto Mafia boss, Vincenzo ‘Jimmy’ DeMaria, has gained release from prison on condition that he live at home. Other strict conditions have also been set for his release, as it’s feared he will use his freedom to impact on underworld ventures.

The Immigration and Refugee Board have voiced concerns over this, but state that the risk can be alleviated by the conditions set for DeMaria’s release. The government argued that he is a flight risk and that he’s unlikely to show for future proceedings if released.

DeMaria is also threatened with deportation by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). They have been trying to deport him back to Italy since April 2018, though he and his family left the country when he was just nine months old. CBSA disagreed with his release, and said he should remain in prison until the deportation case is finalized.

In order to secure his release, his wife, Linda DeMaria, put up a $400,000 performance bond; Scott Wilson, a family friend, gave a $50,000 cash deposit.

Conditions laid out for his release are stringent. He is ordered not to communicate, either directly or indirectly, with numerous accused or suspected mobsters and associates living in Canada and Italy. This list includes several of DeMaria’s relatives. DeMaria is ordered to live at home with his wife, to report monthly to CBSA, and not to commit any criminal acts.

”You must remain within your residence at all times except when in the direct company of either Linda DeMaria or Dr. Scott Wilson, except for medical emergencies, or during required court, immigration or parole proceeding appearances,” DeMaria was told in his written release order.

Either DeMaria’s wife or Dr. Wilson must be inside the home with him at all times and he is banned from using a cellphone or accessing the internet without one of them being present.

He has also been instructed that he must inform CBSA about his finances bi-monthly.

It’s been alleged for many years, both by police and federal authorities, that DeMaria is a dominant member of the Ndrangheta, one of the world’s most powerful crime syndicates. He is serving a life sentence for a second-degree murder in 1981, when he shot and killed Vincenzo Figliomeni, who owed a $2000 debt. He was first released on parole in 1992. He was returned to prison in 2013 after an arrest for a parole breach.

DeMaria was given day parole in April of this year by the Parole Board of Canada, because of the coronavirus danger in prison. However, before he stepped out of the prison he was re-arrested by the CBSA on immigration grounds.

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