Detroit’s Anthony Palazzolo Has Passed Away

Anthony Palazzolo, consigliere in the Detroit mob, passed away at the beginning of this month, at the age of 78. It’s believed he died of natural causes.

Anthony ‘Tony Pal’ Palazzolo mugshot

Tony Pal was a capo in the Detroit mob for many years, and served as consigliere of the family for the last five. He was one of the last surviving links to the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and in the 90s was heard on wiretap talking about putting Hoffa’s body through a meat grinder. Former underboss Anthony Zerilli once told the FBI that Palazzolo was driving the car that kidnapped Hoffa from a parking lot at a Michigan restaurant on July 30, 1975 and that he was one of the men who killed him. Zerilli also named an area where he said Hoffa was buried – the land belonged to former boss Giacomo Tocco. The FBI searched the property in 2013, but came up with nothing.

Jimmy Hoffa was on his way to a meeting with Anthony Giacalone when he vanished.

The FBI has always been of the opinion that Giacalone was in charge of organizing many details of the Hoffa hit. Giacalone allegedly told Zerilli that Anthony Palazzolo was part of the hit team. The case remains unsolved.

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