The Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano Interviews

Salvatore ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano was an associate of the mob for 8 years, before his full induction at the age of 31. He worked his way up the ladder to eventually become underboss of the Gambino family, working under John Gotti.

John Gotti and Sammy Gravano

Shortly after the arrest of Sammy, along with Gotti and consigliere Frank Locascio in December, 1990, Gravano set up a deal to turn government witness in return for a lesser sentence. He later testified in court, not only against Gotti, but dozens of other men in the NY families. As a reward for his testimony, Sammy was sentenced to just five years – even after confessing his part in 19 murders. He was released in 1997, and agreed to an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer prior to the release of his book ‘Underboss’.
Sammy Gravano Interview with Diane Sawyer, 1997

After this interview, Gravano went back into hiding. He didn’t resurface until February 2002, when he was arrested in Arizona – along with his wife, Debra, daughter Karen, and son Gerard – on federal and state drug charges. In September 2002, he was sentenced to 20 years. He served 17 years of that sentence, and was released in September 2017. He kept his silence until October 2019, when an interview was released on YouTube by Valuetainment.

Sammy the Bull interview with Patrick Bet-David

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