Tommy Pitera : From Mob Killer to Artist

Thomas ‘Karate’ Pitera was indicted on June 4, 1990, accused of being part of a massive drug dealing ring, and also for his involvement in several murders. At his home in Gravesend, Brooklyn, FBI agents uncovered a huge stash of weapons such as swords and knives, plus many books on killing techniques, torture and dismembering bodies.

Tommy Pitera mugshot

Pitera was eventually convicted of the murders of six people and being heavily involved in a massive drug dealing operation in Brooklyn, NY. Law enforcement, however, suspected him of being involved in around sixty murders in total. During sentencing, the death penalty was rejected in favour of life imprisonment.

Tommy Pitera is currently serving his sentence at USP McCreary, Pine Knot, KY. He has been using his time productively, and has been producing some great artwork from prison. This is showcased on his website, where art can be purchased. I’ve heard that the money from this venture is put towards legal fees. Each individual piece comes with a signature and thumb print, and is one of a kind. There are portraits of Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Marilyn Monroe, John Dillinger, amongst many other mobsters, actors and actresses.

The website can be found HERE

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